How to Beat the Fighter in MLBB: Use Smart Moves and Be Patient!

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) can be a bit tricky when it comes to dealing with hero fighter. These fighters usually hang out in the EXP lane or the jungle, and they’re like superheroes with loads of cool abilities. In the game’s current style, fighters do more than just handle the laning part; they actually decide who wins!

Why Fighters Are So Important in MLBB

In MLBB, fighter are like the big bosses. They do more than just hang out in lanes; they’re the ones who lead the team in battles. Being a fighter means you have to be really good at the big picture, make smart moves, and be the star player for the team.

There are different types of EXP lane heroes, some are super strong in team fights, acting like human shields, and others are all about causing damage and sneaky split pushes. To be a great EXP lane player, you need to understand your hero’s style.

How to Take Down Hero Fighters

Taking down hero fighter in MLBB is like playing a smart game of chess. You have to make clever moves and be patient. You need to figure out what kind of hero your opponent is using and then plan your attack.

If your opponent has a hero that loves team fights, choose a hero that’s good at split pushing, like Benedetta or Paquito. These heroes can be like sneaky ninjas during the laning phase, making it hard for the big team-fighting heroes to catch them.

Another cool move is using heroes with crowd control (CC) skills or heroes that can start the fight. It’s like being the director of a movie – success depends on who can wait for the perfect moment and make the coolest moves.

Why Rotations Are Super Important

Rotations are like the secret sauce to beating hero fighter. It’s all about messing up the enemy fighter’s plans and getting ahead in levels. To be a rotation master, you need to freeze minions near your tower.

Freezing a lane means stopping the enemy minions in their tracks near your tower. This makes it tough for your opponent to get the last hit on the minions, slowing down their progress and giving you an edge. Understanding when to focus on team fights and when to focus on laning is the key to freezing like a pro.

Knowing Your Hero’s Power

Heroes in MLBB are like superheroes with different powers. Some heroes, like Dyrroth, are great against tough heroes with healing powers, but not so good in big team fights. On the other hand, heroes like Lapu-Lapu rock in team fights but struggle against heroes like Yu Zhong and Uranus, who can heal a lot SLOTASIABET.

The trick is to know your hero’s strengths and weaknesses and read your opponent’s choices. Let the other team pick their fighter first, and then you can pick a hero that will totally beat theirs.

In a Nutshell: How to Be the MLBB Hero

To be a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you need to be smart and patient. Countering hero fighters is like playing a cool game where you make the right moves and outsmart your opponent. So, let the other team show their fighter first, and then pick your hero strategically. It’s like being the captain of your team and turning the game in your favor!